18 cute and creative boutique names

There are over 150K boutiques in the U.S. with a market size of $18bn, so you’ll want a name that stands out and is easy to remember. One that sparks your audience’s imagination and interest.

Naming your boutique can be time consuming. To give you a head-start, we’ve come up with 18 ideas for some inspiration. If you see one you like, our generator can make variations using the idea. Or you can use a few words of your own for even more personalized names.

  1. Magnolia Boutique
  2. Jasmine Room
  3. Willow Way
  4. Ivy Boutique
  5. Daisy Basket
  6. Dragonfly Boutique
  7. Earth Chic
  8. Stitch Click
  9. Primrose
  10. Coral Line
  11. Rosenta Loft
  12. Lavender Room
  13. Attire Aerie
  14. Lotana
  15. Lily Pad
  16. Style Garden
  17. Buttercup Boutique
  18. Avabella

11 popular words

These words are some of the most popular ones used in boutique names. Click on a word to make names using it.


What are some attractive names for a boutique?

  1. Lotus Lane
  2. Bloom Boutique
  3. Chambray Palace
  4. Bella Rose
  5. Eden Loft
  6. Beautique
  7. Petal Pose

What are some good boutique name ideas for 2022?

  1. Lilyelm
  2. Wildflower Boutique
  3. Paradore
  4. Dandelane
  5. Pose Pattern
  6. Glamrose Boutique

How do I pick a name for my boutique business?

  1. Research local and national market trends for the boutique industry. Then think about words related to your business and use our generator to come up with names.
  2. Pick out your favorites. Consider whether they’re easy to remember and if they fit your brand personality.
  3. Next, start researching them. Check domain availability and see what search engine results come up for the name.
  4. Talk to some people you trust to get feedback. They could be potential customers or friends and family.
  5. Once you’ve found a final name, you’ll want to register the domain name before someone else does.