22 clever and unique name ideas

Cleaning is a fact of life for everyone and every business. As a cleaner, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re keeping others safe and healthy. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, the revenue potential has grown substantially. According to OneDesk, the average hourly rate has risen from $25-$30/hr to $55-$65/hr for deep cleaning services.

As you work towards starting a cleaning business, you’ll need to pick out a name. We’ve come up with 22 ideas to inspire you and give you a head-start.

  1. Polish Pros
  2. Swept Away Cleaning
  3. Golden Touch
  4. Broom Bloom
  5. Sweep Wizards
  6. Peachy Clean
  7. Queen Clean
  8. Mighty Tidy Cleaning
  9. Grime Busters
  10. Dream Clean
  11. Floor to Ceiling
  12. Dust Dash
  13. Maid Brigade
  14. Scrub Club
  15. Gleam Team
  16. Carpet Medic
  17. Twinkle Time
  18. Ever Clean
  19. Suds up
  20. Crystal Clean
  21. Twinkle Time
  22. Clean Machine

13 popular words

These words are some of the most popular ones used in cleaning business names. Click on a word to make names using it.

Naming tips

As you look for names, here are some tips that’ll help:

  • Who are your clients? Are they single or are they married with kids? How often will they need your cleaning services? Where do they work? For example, a younger, single person may prefer a cleaning business named “Dust Dash”.
  • Use adjectives. They could be related to the cleaning services you provide or describe some of the benefits. Like “tidy” or “pristine”.
  • Keep it simple. Choose a name that’s short and to the point and avoid names that are difficult to spell or pronounce. Shorter names are also easier to remember and can improve brand recognition.

Don't forget to run the best ideas by others before you decide on a final name. They could be friends, family, or people who match your audience. As a next step, our how to name a business guide has more tips and a detailed step-by-step process.

Key cleaning business stats

  • In 2022, almost 10% of U.S. households used a professional service to clean their homes.
  • Residential housecleaning services are nearing $20 billion in yearly sales and are expected to grow 20% each year.
  • On average, someone spends around 2-4 hours each week to clean their house.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 80% of two-income households are expected to use a housecleaning service in the next few years.
  • Franchise cleaning companies are responsible for 10% of the revenue in the cleaning services industry.

Source: Onedesk

What are some good commercial cleaning names?

  1. Signature Commercial Cleaning
  2. Clean Glow Services
  3. Precision Cleaning Pros
  4. Sterling Carpet Cleaners
  5. Dust Detail
  6. Night Owl Cleaning
  7. Mint Office Cleaning

What are some creative house cleaning names?

  1. Clean My Space
  2. No More Chores
  3. You Have It Maid
  4. Weekend Maids
  5. Top to Bottom Cleaning
  6. Dirtbusters