We’ve picked out the best, top-tier nail salon business names to inspire you and give you a head-start. When you see one you like, our generator can make variations using the idea.

If you’re a nail technician looking to start your own business, a salon is a great opportunity. You can build a base of repeat clientele, and 8.36 billion is spent on nail salon services in the U.S. Some of the most common services you could offer include manicures, hard gels, acrylic dip, and nail art.

12 cute names

  1. Nail Nook
  2. Twinkle Toes
  3. Nail Candy
  4. Nailspiration
  5. Nail Adore
  6. Oh My Nails
  7. Nail Serenity
  8. Nail Gossip
  9. Velvet Nails
  10. Nailtopia
  11. Polish Palace
  12. Nailtique

14 catchy names

  1. Haute Hands
  2. Tip to Toe
  3. Nailed It
  4. Nail Muse
  5. Sensationail
  6. Top Coat
  7. Color Me Chic
  8. House of Nails
  9. Dazzling Detail
  10. Starlight Nails
  11. Nail Bliss
  12. Polish Paradise
  13. The Nail Room
  14. Chroma Creations

10 popular words

Naming tips

As you find names you like, here are a few important things to think about:

  • Think through who your clients will be. Are they retirement age or younger and single? How often will they need their nails done? What is their education level? For example, a retired woman may be more drawn to a nail salon named “Velvet Nails”.
  • Be different. A unique name is easier for your customers to remember and helps make a better first impression. Like “Starlight Nails”.
  • Don’t overcomplicate it. Avoid names that are difficult to spell or pronounce and shorter names are also easier to remember. Like “Nail Bliss” or “Oh My Nails”

Get feedback on your names before you choose a final one. Ideally from people who match your target audience. Check out our in-depth business naming guide for more tips and a detailed walk-through.

Top nail business stats

  • 27% of nail salons report that their busiest day of the week is Thursday, followed by 25% who say it’s Saturday. At 2%, Sunday has the lowest number reporting it as their busiest day. (Nails Magazine)
  • The social channel that nail salons use most is Instagram, with 68% saying they have an account. Facebook comes in a close second at 64%. (Nails Magazine)
    Instagram is the #1 social channel used by nail salons. Facebook is #2.
  • 57% of clients say the most important factor in choosing a nail salon is cleanliness. 50% value how convenient the location is to where they live or work. Only 9% chose a nail salon based on good online reviews. (Nails Magazine)
  • Of all U.S. states, Georgia has the highest average wage for nail techs at $20.29 per hour. (Indeed)
    Of all U.S. states, Georgia has the highest average wage for nail techs at $20.29 per hour.

Sources: Nails Magazine, Indeed

What should I name my nail business?

You should name your nail business using words that relate to beauty and appeal to your audience’s visual sense. Like “divine”, “elegant”, and “shine”. Also make sure the name is memorable and isn’t hard to say or spell.

If there’s anything that’ll make your salon different from others or a service you specialize in, consider including it in your name. Maybe you’ll have the only salon that does nail art in your area, and you want “art” or “design” to be part of your name.

You can use our nail salon name generator to quickly get hundreds of name ideas. And remember to spend some time researching other nail salons in your area to see what words you should or shouldn’t include in your name.

What are some good names for a press on nails business?

  1. Tiptoe Nail Salon
  2. Nail Press Bliss
  3. Top Nails
  4. Nail Heaven
  5. Nail Expressions
  6. Nail Press Palace