27 catchy and creative name ideas

There are few things more rewarding than creating a warm, welcoming space for people to have meaningful conversations and start their day off on a high note–all while having the perfect cup of coffee and a tasty treat. One of the first things you need to do is decide on a name for your coffee shop. We’ve saved you some time by picking out 27 names to help you get started. Or you can use a few words of your own with our name generator for even more ideas.

  1. Coffee Forge
  2. Mocha Master
  3. Keen Bean
  4. Perfect Perk
  5. Deja Brew
  6. Scone City
  7. Latte Love
  8. Daily Grind
  9. Caffeine Cafe
  10. Bean Symphony
  11. Tea City
  12. Ancient Sip
  13. Busy Bean
  14. Brew Bar
  15. Coffee Fix
  16. Second Cup
  17. Planet Bean
  18. Brew Brothers
  19. Latte Lounge
  20. Brew Culture
  21. Sweet Life
  22. Double Drip
  23. Early Riser
  24. Good Earth
  25. Better Brew
  26. Heavenly Beans
  27. Aroma Mocha

13 popular words

These words are some of the most popular ones used in cafe and coffee shop names. Click on a word to make names using it.

Naming tips

While you're thinking through names, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Think about who your audience is. How old are they? What times of day would they come to your coffee shop? What types of jobs do they have? For example, an older audience won't be attracted as much to a coffee shop named “Mocha Madness”.
  • Consider the long-term. You may be tempted to focus on the short-term, but it’s worth thinking about your future goals. If you think you may ever want to sell your coffee shop, it can be harder to sell a business if your first or last name is part of the name. Or maybe at some point you’ll decide you want to grow into a chain of coffee shops, but the name is tied to a specific location. You can always change the name later, but you’ll spend valuable time and money doing that and potentially lose the brand recognition you’ve built.
  • Make it memorable, but clear. A tried and true approach for a coffee shop name is to pair related words like “brew” and “latte” with some creative, unexpected ones. Like “Deja Brew” or “Latte Love”. The names clearly tell customers that you specialize in coffee, while still allowing you to stand out from others.

Key coffee industry stats

  • On average, Americans drink coffee at a rate of 1.87 cups a day.
  • In 2021, the number of coffee shops in the U.S. was 38,400, and the revenue of the U.S. coffee market was 82 billion.
  • According to a survey, 31% of Americans spend between $11-20 on coffee each month, while 14.4% said they spend more than $40 a month.
  • Sales of U.S. coffee chains grew by 10% from 2021 to 2022.
  • Over one-third of 18-29 year olds say they've recently visited a coffee shop.
  • Traditional coffee accounts for 29% of sales in the U.S. coffee market.

Sources: Statista, Toast

What are some hipster cafe and coffee shop names?

  1. Brew House
  2. Proper Pour
  3. Split Bean
  4. Must Be the Grind
  5. Coffee Theory

What are some funny cafe and coffee shop names?

  1. Mocha Madness
  2. Brew Ha-Ha Cafe
  3. Espresso Yourself
  4. Brewed Awakening